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Brooklyn is a great place to look for a New York City luxury apartment that is more affordable than those in Manhattan. Brooklyn New York apartment rentals range from $500 to $3600. A 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn will naturally cost more in rent than a 2-bedroom Brooklyn apartment for rent.

To find an apartment for rent in Brooklyn, check out Brooklyn apartment rental listings or find a real estate broker that specializes in negotiating apartments in Brooklyn, New York. A luxury apartment in Brooklyn NY can certainly include all the perks of a Manhattan apartment without taking a chunk out of your paycheck.

Try a Brooklyn apartment co-op or you may even want to buy a Brooklyn apartment for sale and sublet rooms. There is no end to the possibilities of a Brooklyn New York apartment--you and your family can live comfortably in a Brooklyn NY apartment and remain a bit removed from the bustle of Manhattan. Many Brooklyn apartments boast spacious backyards and friendly neighbors--it is the most populated of all the Burroughs, yet neighborhoods are very well defined.